A Rare Success

We don’t really have successes in the Catholic Worker movement. We have so many high ideals, such a lofty list of goals that often our successes are revealed in the small and everyday: a child’s smile, one more person speaking out against war, a hot shower which restores human dignity. We rarely see or understand success as our larger society does: big events, big movements, major change. But we had this kind of success in thanking and celebrating Brother Louis, Glenna, Kaitlin and Josh last Saturday.
We wanted the celebration to genuinely honor Brother Louis’ commitment to the Gospel and to our community. All were welcome, and I hope all felt welcome. Although we had to move the event away from the house because of rain, a number of people helped shuttle guests back and forth to Cristo Rey HS which was our rain site.
The school assembly room was packed with people and permeated by the delicious aroma of home-made lasagna donated by over 20 volunteers. Beautiful flowers (also donated from volunteer’s gardens) graced the tables. It was a classy Catholic Worker inspired evening, right down to the hodgepodge of tablecloths borrowed from here and there and musicians who had never met before coming together in song. We picked up stacks of real plates from St. James’ Church, we used our soup kitchen trays…estimates on the number of guests we had range from 250 to 400.
The budget for this event was a whopping zero dollars and zero cents. Praise the Lord, we don’t need a lot of money to say thank you to this man who has taught us all about giving so freely. Truly, our celebration was a modern multiplication of the loaves and fishes. It was a celebration of life amidst the persistent drizzle. It was a gift to Brother Louis whose life is gift to us all.


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