We are Hope-filled People!

Photo by Josh McElwee, former staff member of Holy Family House Catholic Worker

On Monday morning, August 16 we refused to give in to our fears, refused to cooperate with the world as it is, and dreamed a better world. 100 hope-filled friends, 14 willing to risk arrest including Holy Family House staff members Gina and Rachael and Holy Family House volunteers Beth and Donna. What a witness! What a rush! When is the last time you did something with conviction, acted on your beliefs, joined with a community in hope of the Kin-dom on Earth?

The truth is that once you sit down and really think about atomic bombs, hear stories and see pictures of the singed skin of the Japanese, once you really get it— this is madness after all; it’s not all too difficult to put your own body on the line.
Kansas City is building a new nuclear bomb plant. Our city is helping to create more nuclear bombs. Do you hear me? Do you care?
We know you do, because you care about your fellow human being. Even the fellow human being across the ocean, right? Next time, we hope you’ll join us with your body. We’re planning on returning to the groundbreaking ceremony on September 8, 2010. We’ll see you there.


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