Holy House Coffee House!

Oh, the joy and frustration of Thursday variety nights! For the past eight weeks on Thursday nights we had cooking class which was sponsored by Harvester’s. It was a great thing for a few of our guests, people looking for more information and skill in nutrition and cooking. But our other guests and volunteers felt left out of the cooking class because Harvester’s requires that individuals sign up for the class in advance. So although the cooking class was helpful, it was a bit stressful for us and disappointing for our guests who just want to drop in.
Well, we don’t want to stop having Variety Night. We feel our reasons for having a night where we don’t serve a meal but are open to guests are well grounded in Catholic Worker thought. We wanted a time for new ideas to flourish, a night when we weren’t running around serving, but a night when we could really get to know people. We wanted a night based on relationship with people in contrast to what often seems a transaction-based, agency-like meal. And we wanted a time that the live-in community could express its creativity and interests with the guests without interfering with a meal.
So, for now each Thursday we are making coffee, pulling out games and crayons and opening our doors for the “Holy House Coffee House!” Come and hang out with us every Thursday night from 4:00-6:00 pm with our house liturgy following at 6:30. We aren’t planning on doing much, we’re just going to see what grows out of a bunch of great people getting together and shooting the breeze.
Finally, the Holy House Coffee House is our response to our society’s ever-increasing anonymity and hectic lifestyle. Come and hang out with us, forget what society says about success, about productivity, leisure, worth and acquisition. Forget that society tells you to hang out with the “cool crowd.” Oh wait! We are the cool crowd. And all are welcome!


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