Check Rachael out on NBC news!

Hi friends-  I got an unexpected media plug today, NBC news interviewed me and played on the 5 pm news.  I’ve included the story, and you can learn more about my deodorant by going to the website:   Thanks!  – Rachael

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Living simply is part of the mission of Holy Family House in Midtown and a new product at the house aims to continue the sweet-smelling mission.
Breakfast is over at Holy Family House, but Rachel Hoffman is already busy working up a sweat cleaning up the mess.
Most consumers wouldn’t work up a sweat about a deodorant to knock down that sweat, but Hoffman worries about the aluminum contained in most brands that can clog up skin pores.
Using the Internet, Hoffman found an alternative recipe for homemade deodorant that is organic and most importantly, aluminum free.
“I live in a un-air conditioned house in Kansas City and I’ve survived a summer with this deodorant,” Hoffman said.
Family and friends started taking an interest in Hoffman’s homemade scents, which gave her the idea of marketing the product to others, giving birth to Holy Odors Deodorant.
Now, the product is still made by hand in a room at Holy House. Hoffman softens shea butter and mixes in corn starch, baking powder and vitamin E to create the basic deodorant. A quick squirt of fragrance and time to cool into a stick is all that keeps the product from arm pits.
“I’m a social worker by trade, ‘What do I do with my hands?’” asked Hoffman.
Not forgetting who she serves, Hoffman donates a third of all her sales back to Holy House, fulfilling her commitment to living simply and in solidarity with the poor in the neighborhood.

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